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Conscious Path

Organic green tea & clay face mask set

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Face mask set including 1 x face mask,1 x wooden spoon and 1 x handmade mini mixing bowl & a pretty gift bag to keep it all together. 

For healing pimples & reducing their appearance,  for reducing inflammation & irritation. 

Green tea  & green clay have many anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits, helping to brighten the skin & repair skin cells. plus more! 

Face mask is 50g! You will get around 10 masks from each jar. You only need 1 scoop.

Simply fill the spoon with face mask, add it to the mini bowl, add water to create a paste. 

apply to face and neck, leave for 5 - 10 (do not leave on longer)  wash off well,  moisturise face and neck. 

*please note the mini bowls are handmade and each one is individual, so the one you get may vary from the photo.