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Conscious Path

Natural Magnesium Oil with Lavender 100ml

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Magnesium oil offers a multitude of benefits especially as most people are deficient(& unaware) in this amazing and very important mineral. If you are feeling stressed, aching muscles, headaches, migraines or you are unable to sleep soundly, perhaps you are lacking magnesium. The best way to get your required daily Magnesium is via the oil spray as your skin is your largest organ, it effectively absorbs the magnesium quickly into your system. It helps your body to relax & unwind along with relieving aching muscles & aiding a better nights sleep, our magnesium oil is enhanced with 100% pure Lavender essential oil which assists further with relaxing & calming the body & mind.

 100ml comes in a reusable & recyclable glass bottle.

Usage instructions: Shake Before use, then Spray liberally on skin where you have sore muscles and rub in, or just spray skin daily for your Magnesium mineral intake.

Ingredients: Natural & pure Food Grade Magnesium Chloride flakes, Purified water, 100% pure Lavender Essential oil.